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What is integrative divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Divorce Mediation |

There are many ways to get a divorce. For couples that are unable to agree on anything, traditional divorce, where each party gets their own attorney and lets the judge decide everything in court, may be the best option.

For couples that would prefer to come to an agreement outside of the courtroom, mediation or collaborative divorce are both solid options. Over the past few years, couples have also started to utilize a new divorce modality known as integrative mediation.

Integrative mediation requires the coordination of experts

Integrative mediation typically requires the involvement of several professionals who have expertise that could benefit the divorce process. Attorneys, psychologists and other mental health professionals, and financial experts, such as accountants, are often part of the process.

What are the benefits of integrative mediation?

While couples who are not using integrative mediation do also consult with experts, it is unlikely that the experts will work together. With integrative mediation, the experts will work together to make sure to address all issues in the most straightforward way possible.

The experts used in integrative mediation are also neutral, in the sense that they want both parties to walk away happy. This is rarely the case in a more traditional divorce, where both parties are essentially trying to win against each other.

Every couple is different and will not all benefit from the same types of professionals. Integrative mediation allows the parties to choose which professionals they would like involved in the process and allows them to move into another modality if necessary.