Collaborative Family Law And Mediation Services

Mediation: Conducting Family Law Matters Through A Neutral Party

Mediation is often the most cost-effective process for resolving family law issues. As a mediator, Jill’s role is to maintain neutrality, not to advocate for either party.

Jill White, Esq., provides relevant legal information, prepares and files legal documents with the court and helps streamline the process. Some clients come into the process already in agreement about how they will split assets and debts. They may already agree on what support should be, and they are on the same page regarding a shared parenting plan.

Other clients need more help sorting out these important issues, and Jill guides them in a constructive approach to talking about needs, interests and goals. Jill recognizes where emotions hinder respectful discussion. She strives to help clients stay on track to co-create fair and equitable agreements.

Cost is generally driven by the level of conflict between the parties and can be kept under control through effective communication and attentive listening.

Questions About Mediation?

If you’re interested in mediation, or if you’re not sure how to proceed with a divorce or any other family matter, you can learn more in a consultation with Jill White, Esq..

To schedule an appointment by phone or in Jill’s Petaluma office, call 707-900-4535 or contact Jill by email.