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How mediation can help couples resolve their divorce amicably

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Divorce Mediation |

As marriages come to an end in California it can be a difficult time emotionally. One spouse may not want the divorce or the reason for the marriage ending could be infidelity, which can be very difficult to deal with emotionally. There can also be a sense of failure even in situations when the decision to divorce is mutual. Despite all of these emotions, couples do not need to go through a bitter, long and emotionally draining contested divorce.

Couples can reach agreements for how they would resolve the various issues that need to be resolved as they finalize their divorce. However, reaching the agreements may not be simple as there can still be emotions that make it difficult to work with their spouse on these issues. Couples may need some assistance in helping them reach the agreements in order to finalize the divorce.

Benefits of divorce mediation

Mediation can be a good solution for couples. Through mediation a neutral mediator helps facilitate the negotiations between the parties. Mediators do not make decisions for the couple, but can help both spouses understand the other’s position on different issues and help them talk through the issues. They can help the couple come up with different solutions to what may be keeping them apart on a particular issue.

Even when mediation cannot help the couple resolve all issues between them, they may be able to help the couple at least reach agreements on some issues. This will limit the amount of time and effort they need to put towards a potential trial, which can be very helpful.

When couples in California go through a divorce there are many different issues that need to be resolved. They need to separate their lives, which involves separating residences, property, bank accounts and other property. It also involves making determinations about parenting time and child custody if they have minor children. These are not easy issues to resolve especially during an emotional time. However, going through a contested divorce may only add to the stress and emotional toll of the divorce. Mediation can be a good route to go in order to help couples reach agreements in their divorce and avoid the added stress.