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Mediation is a good way to iron out holiday parenting time

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Divorce Mediation |

Many parents in California’s Wine Country recognize that, despite their own differences, it is important for them to get along for the sake of their children after a split.

This is easier said than done in many cases. Parents may have the best of intentions when coming up with a parenting plan, for example, but there are lots of details that can get in the way of reaching an agreement. This is true even when the parents are able to acknowledge the important role the other parent plays in their child’s life.

One of these details is what to do about holidays, school vacations, and other special occasions and events. Courts frequently see these situations as distinct from the parent’s regular time-share schedule, which means the parents will have to deal with these questions specifically.

Holiday parenting time can be a thorny issue just because both parents, as well as extended family members, may have established customs and strong emotional attachments that can conflict. On a purely practical level, many parents are jealous to have their school-aged children on days where they have additional vacation time beyond a weekend and will want to advantage of those times.

A good mediator can help parents agree on a holiday time schedule

The beauty of using mediation to come up with a parenting schedule, especially a holiday schedule, is that a mediator can take account of each parent’s unique concerns and priorities, perhaps even more so than could a judge.

As a result, she may be able to propose reasonable solutions to any disagreements so that the parents do not have to wind up going to court, perhaps every holiday season, just to figure out who will see the children and when each time a big event rolls around.

Mediation may also serve to foster a respectful dialogue between the parents so they are better able to resolve any future conflict regarding the details of their parenting plans.