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Can collaborative divorce be a cheaper divorce option?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Collaborative Divorce |

When couples get to the point that divorce is their only option, sometimes, the thing holding back both spouses from their new, happier lives is costs. The fear of protracted and costly litigation makes many stick it out for much longer than needed, which only further complicates unraveling the marriage. But, through the collaborative divorce process and working together, the spouses can greatly reduce the costs associated with a divorce.

What is collaborative divorce?

Of the many ways a collaborative divorce can save money, the primary way is because it is an out-of-court solution. Both spouses still have an attorney, but they work as a team with at least one neutral non-attorney (usually, a mental health coach or financial analyst) to work through all the divorce issues. The key to saving money through this process is that all the parties are looking for the best outcomes for everyone, which means compromise and consensus building, instead of litigation, win at any cost, mentality. This team can also help a couple work through a prenuptial agreement to ensure that it is enforced accurately, or avoid litigation, if one or both spouses now disagree with some of the terms.

Additional cost-cutting method: pre-agreement

A key way of cutting costs, even before entering the collaborative divorce process is for the couple to agree on as many things as possible prior to consulting a divorce attorney. This means discussing how assets and debts should be divided and how the couple will share custody of their children. The more a couple can work out prior to being billed by an attorney, the cheaper the divorce process will be for both spouses.

The key, a willingness to work together

Truly, the best way for our Santa Rosa, California, readers looking at reducing divorce costs is a willingness to work together to find mutually beneficial solutions. It is working together for the best interests of the children, and not looking for a windfall or to punish their spouse, that can make all the difference. If couples can do this, a divorce can be much cheaper, leaving more money and assets for the family in their new, separate lives.