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What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Collaborative Divorce |

Collaborative law divorce offers a variety of different benefits for divorcing couples. It is one of the family law options that can provide benefits divorcing couples should be familiar with when considering which divorce process is best for them.

Benefits of collaborative divorce

There are several important benefits of collaborative divorce to be familiar with. Unlike a traditionally-litigated divorce, collaborative divorce can provide a more cooperative approach. Collaborative divorce requires the divorcing couple to sign a collaborative divorce agreement. In the agreement, if the divorcing couple decides to take their divorce to divorce court, their representatives have to withdraw. The collaborative divorce process requires the divorcing couple to work together to negotiate their divorce-related issues in a fair and transparent manner.

Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce are the following.

Less costly and time saving

Because the collaborative divorce process works at reaching shared agreements and resolutions to divorce-related issues between the divorcing spouses, it can take less time and money to resolve their divorce.

Informal and more private

The collaborative law divorce process is less formal than divorce court. In addition, unlike divorce court which creates public filings, the collaborative law divorce process is private.

Framework for disputes following divorce

Life changes following divorce and disputes may arise. The collaborative divorce process can provide a framework for resolving disputes that come up down the road.

More control over the process

Because the collaborative divorce process is based on an open and honest exchange of information, and reaching negotiated agreements to disputes, it provides the divorcing couple with more control over their divorce and the outcome of their divorce.

Collaborative divorce is worth understanding for divorcing couples looking for alternatives to a litigated divorce. It can be less contentious which can result in better outcomes for the divorcing couple.